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22K Choker Sapphire Necklace Set 

22K Choker Sapphire Necklace Set ( Sapphire Necklace Sets )


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CODE : StPs1806

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Product Description:
22Kt Gold Sapphire Necklace Set With Natural Dark Blue Sapphires in Choker style. Total Studded Sapphire is 5.10 Cts. And Beaded Sapphires are 64.0 Cts. This type of Indian Ruby Necklace Set is popular in South India, Specially in Andhra Pradesh, karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The beautifully hand crafted Necklace And Earring Set is exceptionally beautiful and a delight for the owner. The choker style fits close to the neck.(The weight indicated is gross wt. including the Rubies)
Necklace: Length of Necklace is 12 to 14 Inches. The Width at the Center is 27.25mm
Earrings: Length of Earring is 31.00mm and width of Earring is 13.85 mm

22K Choker Sapphire Necklace Set (CODE : StPs1806)

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